Board Members

a woman with blonde hair wearing a white shirt

Amie Satchu, Founder

Corey Castillo, Ed.D.

Chief Operating Officer, Lagerlof, LLP

Danielle Gerbracht

Financial Planning Specialist, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Dunya Merell Djordjevic

Living Beauty
Filmmaker/Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Erin Gershik

Erin Gershik, Chair

Owner, Jboy Media

Hillorie McClarty

Manager, Marketing & Advertising,
Music Connection Magazine

Holly Moore

a woman in a brown sweater with blonde hair

Jessica Maniatis

Brand Consultant

a woman in a blue suit with short hair against a tan background

Joan DeSouza

Owner, Business 4 Business Think Tank

Lindsay K. Francis

Esq. Associate, Lagerlof, LLP

Michael Rahimzadeh, Treasurer

Financial Professional, New York Life

Rob Keen

CEO, Weleda North America

Vic Kerasimian

Owner, Aire Serv of Pasadena