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Therapy on the Trails

Sometimes, clearing your mind also means freeing your body from its normal routine. For therapist Nicole Shannon, the power of time outdoors can be healing and deeply powerful. Below, she tells us all about her Trail Sessions, where traditional therapy intersects with exercise and relaxation on hikes. Trail Sessions Therapy sends your therapy on a hike. […]

And a Healthy New Year.

Resolutions are popping up everywhere, and often have a stigma of being unrealistic or unfulfilled. But at FFLB, we believe in the power of positive goals, wishes and self-belief. Resolutions can be reframed from restrictions, “no’s” or “should not’s”.  Resolutions can be full of joy and self-encouragement. WE are going to continue a joyful community of […]

Rachael Yahne’s HerAfter.com

Rachael Yahne’s career and life have been beautifully abundant. She has fallen in love in London, studied yoga in India and written poetry in Manhattan. Her inspiring blog, HerAfter.com, has been featured by major media outlets like Yahoo. She generously offered to share her story and daily inspirations with FFLB. FFLB: When were you diagnosed with cancer, and what […]

Happy Healthy Thanksgiving!

The holidays can be a challenging time to eat well, especially with so many delicious options around Thanksgiving. Ever wondered how to make a traditional Thanksgiving, just a lot healthier? We’ve rounded up some tasty ideas for healthy Thanksgiving dinner alternatives, plus some dishes that take minimal time and labor. This way, you can embrace the […]

Living Beauty Movie Review: Miss You Already

Our Living Beauties were treated to a special pre-screening of Miss You Already, an inspirational film about friendship through cancer starring Toni Collette and Drew Barrymore. We’re thankful to the film’s team for letting our women have a special, reflective night out together at the theater! Now that the movie is out, here’s one Beauty’s take […]

Happy Birthday, Amie!

We’re celebrating the birthday of our gorgeous and gracious founder, Amie Satchu. She’s dedicated her heart and soul to supporting Living Beauties, so we asked them to share their birthday wishes with her. These beautiful responses demonstrate just how amazing and treasured Amie is! “Best birthday wishes beautiful Amie. Thank you for everything that you […]

Sarah’s Story: Stila’s Living Beauty

Living Beauty Sarah Lucero, Global Executive Director of Creative Artistry for Stila Cosmetics, shared special tips with fellow Living Beauty Ada on how to wear comfortable, natural and bright makeup during cancer treatment. Then, Sarah sat down with us to share her incredible story. Finding The Light Again. Sarah Lucero of Stila’s Journey With Cancer, As Told to […]

Talking With: Art of Tea

We’ve been fortunate to have many great facilitators throughout the years at FFLB. One of our generous supporters has helped us “tea” up for greatness over and over again! Steve Schwartz, known throughout his industry as the “Master Tea Blender”, has always been ready to support our women and team with generosity and immense knowledge. We […]