The GIFT Project 2017 photographed by Tasya van Ree

a woman in a black hat, black jacket with long black hair standing on a barren landscape

The Foundation for Living Beauty is grateful to acclaimed photographer Tasya van Ree, who undertook the task of photographing our Living Beauties for The 2017 Gift Photography Project.  Tasya van Ree lives and works in Los Angeles.  Her photographs are infused with romanticism, darkness, intimacy, and a certain lyrical quality.  Her photographs have been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Belgium and Paris is solo exhibitions as well as alongside Amy Arbus, David Lynch and Gus van Sant. 

 The Gift Photography Project is a powerful, intimate photographic series that depicts the courage of our Living Beauties along their cancer journeys.  Through this profound project, our Living Beauties discover the gifts that have come to their lives through their cancer journeys, and share them as an inspiration to others along the same path.