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Self-Care has become synonymous with Wellness (a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being). Creating a spa environment at home has become the new focus of self-care and well-being. With the pandemic, self-care is more important than ever. If you are experiencing or have experienced dry, dehydrated, sensitive, flaky, red or irritated skin, compromised, or immunosuppressed skin, this DIY at home facial treatment is for you.

Ingredients Needed:

1.Milky Way Cleanser
Items needed: milk, olive oil, cotton balls, warm water, warm towel
2. Natural Exfoliant
Items needed: brown sugar, olive oil, warm water, lemon juice/ cotton balls, warm towel.
3. Avocado Yogurt Face Mask
Items needed: avocado ripe, small bowl, plain yogurt, honey, cotton balls, warm water, warm towel

Charlotte Dorsey is the founder and owner/esthetician of Nurturing Touch Skincare (A Sanctuary for Skincare Solutions). She has a Master’s Degree in Adult Education, a Licensed Esthetician and a Certified Oncology Skin Therapist. Charlotte specializes in the “Post Chemotherapy Facial” which was designed for sensitive, dry, damaged or stressed skin from cancer treatments. She believes in the healing power of “touch” and being more present and aware of the health of our skin. Charlotte is a leader in the industry, volunteers as beauty and support coordinator for many local agencies and is an expert in the area of healing repairing damaged skin. Her national affiliations include National Association of Professional Women and the Association of Skincare Professionals. Charlotte appeared on CBS News and shared tips on Skincare for Cancer patients, as well as other local television and radio programs. For more information please visit:

LaShelle Ullie has worked as a makeup artist, product specialist and skin therapist with some of the top professionals in the beauty and wellness industry and they’ve taught him how to identify what techniques and products are best suited for your lifestyle, how to choose the best products and techniques that fit well and initially help you create a lifestyle that is authentically you. Working with cosmetic brands and organizations such as Greet The Day has introduced LaShelle to people from all walks of life and he loves the feeling of helping people feel amazing about their image and themselves and leaving them with an understanding of personal care and wellness that has eluded them for years. LaShelle believes you are in harmony with your personal appearance and you are expressing your personal truth, you will love how you look.

During this session, we practice how to reclaim the healing power of our breath by focusing inwards and connecting to our bodies’ inner wisdom through traditional pranayama breathing practices within an online group gathering. This specific program has been offered to Huntington Hospital Cancer Center patients since the summer of 2020 with great feedback from attendees. As shared by one participant: “The breath is an integral part of the healing journey. The online group helped me make a connection with the energy of the group. Learning to allow the breath to help unstuck certain things within my body made such a difference in my continued self-care.

Pierre-Etienne Vannier, MSc., CHt., is a Mind-Body Practitioner and a Program Development Specialist specialized in trauma recovery and resilience-building through nervous system regulation. He is an Independent Contractor for the Huntington Memorial Hospital where he facilitates group programs for cancer patients and cancer center staff and is currently co-investigator in clinical research focusing on fostering post-traumatic growth among cancer survivors. He teaches pain management using mind-body practices to HMH nurses and facilitated group sessions for staff and various support groups at HMH, Arcadia Methodist Hospital, Adventist Health Glendale Hospital, UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, USC Oncology, USC Fertility, South Central Family Health Center. For more information, please visit

In this online workshop, we will learn about the Eastern Medicine tradition known as Ayurveda and its approaches to using herbal infused oils for detox, healing and general self-care.

Participants will learn:

  • To identify their specific constitution, or “dosha”
  • Strengths and weaknesses for each dosha
  • Preferred oils for each dosha or season of the year
  • Best botanicals to infuse the oil with
  • How to practice a self-care massage (known as abhyanga)
Jovanka Ciares is a Clinical Herbalist, nutrition educator and coach based in Los Angeles. She works with individuals struggling with chronic conditions and offers group workshops and corporate speaking on healthy living and herbal medicine in the US and internationally. She offers her services in both English and Spanish. To learn more about Jovanka, please visit:

We all need to be moving our bodies and connecting our mind, body and spirit during these times. This class taught by Yoga Therapist, Sharon Holly, will include 40 minutes of gentle yoga/breathwork followed by a 20-minute yoga nidra meditation and 10 minutes of connection after class with fellow Living Beauties. All levels welcome and no prior experience with yoga is necessary.

Join us for a short introduction into homeopathy and learn how some of these wonderful non-toxic, non-harmful, very effect remedies can help you. Avghi will go into detail on some homeopathic remedies that can help with some of the side effects of Radiation and Chemotherapy.

Avghi Constantinides (a Living Beauty) holds a BS in Nutrition, an MA in Homeopathy and Advanced Clinical Homeopathy, and is a Homeopathic Master Clinician, Certified by the North Americian Socity of Homeopaths. She is Director and founder of the LA School of Homeopathy and Centre for Life, Integrative Medical Office. Avghi has been in practice since 1995 and teaches at the LA School of Homeopathy, Yo-San University and Westside Extension. To learn more, please visit:

In this unique yoga nidra class, you will be invited to bring your inner child to play and your adult to become empowered. Overall, we will be focusing on bringing the nervous system back into a state of balance which boosts the immune system. Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep), is a guided meditation technique that brings the body & mind into a deep state of relaxation often providing transformation and peace.

After her own experience with breast cancer, Sharon Holly became a Certified Yoga Therapist through Loyola Marymount University. On her healing journey, Sharon found the Living Beauty Serenity Yoga Retreat not only a tremendous part of her healing process but also inspirational. It provided her the opportunity to participate in and complete the y4c (Yoga for Cancer) teacher training with Tari Prinster. She currently teaches small group classes and private yoga therapy sessions online, through her own company, Healing Breath Yoga Therapy as well as through various cancer centers, yoga studios and physical therapy offices. Teaching fellow surviving thrivers is the most fulfilling job thus far in her life. She feels blessed to be able to give back the gifts that were so readily given to her and continue to help her heal. Sharon holds certifications in both adult and children’s yoga as an RYT/CYT-500 as well at YTRx-800c in Yoga Therapy and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. A schedule of ONLINE classes, please visit:

Kristin Dwan is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master at The Healing Woods in Altadena who has made it her life’s mission to reunite people with their Inner Children.

The Inner Child is another term for your Subconscious Mind since the bulk of your Subconscious is created between the ages of 0-8. Think of your Subconscious Mind as your inner toddler running your life!

Kristin will be guiding us through a Hypnotic Journey reuniting you and your Inner Child. Having the support of your Subconscious Mind is very important since it is 88% of your brainpower!

Kristin used Hypnotherapy, Reiki and Inner Child healing all through her Cancer Journey and it was what truly got her through it all in the way she visioned for herself, and she celebrates being Cancer Free for 2 years now! To learn more about Kristin, please visit

Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Coach Harvey Slater unpacks some helpful information about your body’s ability to detoxify unwanted toxins, pathogens, and other harmful factors that may be causing a disruption of functional homeostasis. In this workshop, you will learn about how your body naturally wants to be in a constant state of detoxification, and how you can support it– in a sustainable way— to do it’s natural, “detox-thing” each and every day. Your body should be able to detox and heal while you go about your daily business, and we want to teach you more about that! This workshop will help you understand some of the daily diet and lifestyle skills needed to support this process. We’ll spend time hearing some evidence-based information, sharing case studies of real clients, learning some simple, effective practices, and hearing your concerns and questions. You’ll walk away feeling more confident that you can give your body the support it needs to detoxify and heal— utilizing foods and lifestyle approaches that are well within reach.

Harvey Slater is a Nutrition & Wellness Coach with certifications in Holistic Nutrition, Applied Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management, and Exercise & Sports Nutrition. Harvey uses a client-centered coaching approach to educate and guide his clients on how to assess their individual nutritional needs, and to navigate their food supply & daily habits, in order to achieve their fitness goals and best wellness outcomes.

Before becoming a nutrition coach, Harvey owned and operated a successful catering and event planning business in Los Angeles for 20 years. In 2013, Harvey’s health began to decline, and he started making changes to his diet and lifestyle– the beginning of a profound health transformation. This led him to learning more about the nutritional makeup of the foods he loved preparing every day. In 2014 he started his recipe blog, “the whole dish,” sharing healthy, whole food, recipes with his followers. That launched him into his current career as a holistic nutritionist and wellness coach.

Harvey shares his knowledge, and utilizes his first-hand experience healing addiction and reversing his declining health, facilitating the same positive change in anyone who seeks his assistance. Harvey currently operates his private practice in Pasadena, and also offers corporate, group coaching & on-line individual coaching services to clients across the US and internationally. For more information, please visit:

Common symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, muscle aches, bloating, nausea and depression are associated with toxic residue and metabolic stagnation. Alas, how many of these symptoms are correlated with or caused by cancer treatments? All of them and then some, if you are a cancer survivor. For Tari, during and post treatment, her impulse was to “detox” her body of the very chemicals that were saving her life.

Many of us think that detoxification as lengthy, disciplined, challenging fasts and cleanses or expensive supplements, complex juicing and exotic teas. Frequently detoxification treatments are suggested for those common symptoms in everyone. And they are strongly encouraged as a way to return good heath, strength, stamina, and a balanced mind for cancer survivors along the recovery path.

The good news, however, is that there are many simple yoga practices you can do regularly at home every day that will energize and build resilience.

You will learn specific yoga sequences that:

  • Stabilize your nervous system
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Utilize the breath to release toxins
  • And reduce the urge to “retox”
Detox Yoga with Tari will orchestrate and coordinate all your body systems to prevent stagnation and toxin build-up, plus keep your day to day physical and emotional well-being on track. Yoga is simple, non-expensive and fun detoxification treatment.

Tari Prinster has been a Living Beauty since 2009 when she led the first Serenity Yoga Retreat in Monterrey. She has been teaching cancer patients and survivors, lecturing and training yoga teachers all over the world. She appeared on Good Morning America with Robin Roberts demonstrating how yoga creates balance and harmony,  was featured in the film YogaWoman and wrote the book, “Yoga for Cancer” in 2014.

Tari believes it is never too late to start, never too late to change. In her words, “Yoga made me feel younger and stand straighter. I sleep better, my weight is good, and my bones are strong. Cancer may steal your breath, but yoga gives it back.”

For more information about Tari and Y4C, visit

Registered Herbalist Jovanka Ciares will show you safe and effective methods to use clean foods and herbal medicine to effectively “detox” your internal organs, reduce cravings, increase every and improve your immune function. Topics will include:
-A healthy way to cleanse the liver, kidneys and GI track
-The safety of botanicals to assist in detox
-The pros and cons of plant-based lifestyle for detox

Jovanka Ciares is a Clinical Herbalist, nutrition educator and coach based in Los Angeles. She works with individuals struggling with chronic conditions and offers group workshops and corporate speaking on healthy living and herbal medicine in the US and internationally. She offers her services in both English and Spanish. For more information, visit

Join us for a very informative workshop with Petra Augenstein from Weleda, where you will learn how to do a Liver Detox method that is regularly used in some European Hospitals. We will also touch on some more commonly known methods like fasting and dry brushing. During the second part of the demonstration, we will take a look at how Weleda chooses the lead plants for their personal care products that involve getting more connected with nature and using our own powers of observation.

Here is a green smoothie recipe to boost your mood from nutritionist Julie Ward. Julie gave a talk on how foods affect our mood and how we can use them to improve our well being!

Whether you are new to mindfulness or have a regular meditation practice you are invited to join us as we practice in community. Practice befriending yourself and attending to the present moment with lovingkindness. Meet life’s daily challenges with more compassion and bring a sense of balance and ease to your life. Mindfulness is bringing our attention to the present moment, noticing thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise without judgement. Self-compassion is learning to be with whatever arises with lovingkindness for ourselves. Explore the three components of self-compassion, and ways to incorporate self-compassion in your daily life.

This workshop is an opportunity to cultivate practices that bring compassion to ourselves, to others and the world around us.

Ann D’Angelo M.A. is a Mindfulness Educator in the Los Angeles area. In her private practice she works with children, adults, and families. Ann brings a wealth of experience about Mindfulness from her many teachers, her clients, and her daily practice.

Ann holds a California Teaching Credential and received her Master’s in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College. Ann’s training as a Mindfulness Educator includes courses from MARC at UCLA, MBSR Professional Training with Jon Kabat Zinn and Saki Santorelli, Mindsight: Exploration Series with Dan Siegel, Mindful Schools Curriculum Training, Susan Kaiser Greenland: Inner Kids Program, MSC Core Skills Training with Kristin Neff & Christopher Germer and MBSR-T with Gina Biegel. Ann is also a 200hr. Registered Yoga Teacher, receiving her training from Yoga House.

Join us for a very special appearance by one of the biggest supporters of The Foundation for Living Beauty…WeledaWeleda’s incredibly knowledgeable Chief Pharmacist, Petra Augenstein will lead us in a workshop that will highlight a couple of daily rituals that will strengthen the body against illness. If you’d like to learn how to Dry Brush, a modality that detoxifies the lymphatic system and the benefits of a chamomile steam (a classic German household remedy that benefits not only the skin but also the respiratory system), please register for this informative class. Upon confirmation, you will receive a list of the materials Petra will use as well as links to some products she recommends.

A little bit about Weleda:
What started in 1921 as a pharmaceutical laboratory with its own plant garden is today a world-leading manufacturer of personal care, certified natural per NATRUE. Dedicated to sourcing sustainable, fair trade, and biodynamically grown plants, Weleda ensures clean, consciously produced ingredients that are used to help promote balance and healing without harming the planet. Since 2011, Weleda has been a member of the Union for Ethical Biotrade, pledging to source with respect for people and biodiversity. Today, as it has done for nearly 100 years, Weleda is continuing to leverage Nature’s Wisdom with the Inner Nature Movement. On a mission to create balance in the lives of people and plants, Weleda is encouraging the idea that the essence of nature helps balance all of us in harmony…mind, body and soul. As the pioneer of the natural beauty and personal care space, Weleda leans on philosophy, plant knowledge and practices to deliver beauty and personal care products that soothe the soul and bring us back to harmony with our own inner nature. Supporting overall well-being and balance through plant-rich products, Weleda aims to reconnect us with our own inner nature for a more mindful and balanced lifestyle, no matter where you are in your own journey.

Petra Augenstein was born in Germany and is a pharmacist by training. Incidentally, Samuel Hahnemann, the father of Homeopathy also hails from Germany. As Weleda’s Chief Pharmacist, Petra has been practicing homeopathic and anthroposophic pharmacy for the past 18 years. The remedies she works with can be powerful, but to her, truly awe-inspiring is the body’s ability to heal itself in this context, remedies can be seen as signs along the road, pointing the way. It is a privilege to witness these journeys towards health.

We are very proud to have the support of Weleda and its many talented and caring team members. We hope you enjoy this recording this informative online event! To learn more about Weleda and their products, visit

Overcoming cancer and the aftermath of financial cancer all starts with authentic, real conversations around money. Change Taboo talk into Take-Charge talk. Be like wise, wealthy people and free of deadly self-doubt by building a strong relationship with Money. An Educated Society is an Elevated Society! No matter what life events happen, you have the power to create the beliefs that empower you to choose your next right moves.

What you will learn:
-Get Your Money Beliefs Aligned
-Recognize Your Money Stories
-“FOCUS” on Your Fabulous Financial Future
-Learn about Sleep Well At Night (SWAN) Plans
-Transform Right Where YOU Are Right Now

Rita Boccuzzi is a financial intelligence expert (and a cancer survivor/thriver). She is passionately committed to guiding women to achieve financial peace of mind that includes transforming money conversations and release money confusion, expand financial knowledge, and build confidence regarding money and wealth.

Rita is a proven professional who is leading the movement to Raise Your Financial Intelligence and scale to Financial Freedom. She educates and empowers women to achieve financial independence by getting core issues on how women relate to money along with teaching practical strategies.

Lovingly known as Mamma Rita Money she leads Wine, Women & Wealth events, and Money 101 educational workshops (all FREE). She is CEO of Flourish Inc and partnered with Five Rings Financial. Rita is a Board Member to the Bloom Again Foundation, Rotarian & Soroptimist. Check out

Chris Causey recorded a special “Soul Journey” for our virtual Blooming Mindfulness Day Retreat. We are sharing it here for any other Living Beauties that would like to enjoy this guided meditation with imagery! To follow his Youtube page for his other Soul Journey videos click here.

Holotropic Breathwork is described as meaning “moving into wholeness.” This is a practice that uses breathing and other elements including evocative music to allow access to non-ordinary states for the purpose of self-exploration and healing. Holotropic Breathwork and Soul Gazing Circles in Chris’s sessions offer a safe and connected space – allowing you to shift energy and blockages held within your body’s cellular memory (oftentimes on an unconscious level). Christopher has combined his expertise in trance work and hypnotherapy along with his background in Meditation, Mindfulness, and Breathwork to create a modality he terms “Soul Journey” which offers all the benefits of Eastern and Western practices in a form of healing modality that works for private, couples, groups, workshops, conference and team building groups, and can be personalized to events/activities of your choice. Personalized Soul Journey’s can be created to help with deeper sleep, anxiety, grief and trauma, addiction, and many more areas of healing.

To learn more about Chris, visit

Now that we’ve been inside for a few weeks, we might be running out of ideas and ingredients in the pantry. Join us for a really interactive class where you can cook along with Elaine…the ingredients (and substitutes) have been provided for the dishes she will prepare. OR you can just watch and learn and cook it later! On the menu: Immune Supporting Soup, Basmati Rice with Cumin, Black Bean Patties, Almond “Feta” Cheeze and Healthy Buckeye Energy Balls.

Elaine Bryan is a nutrition counselor and herbalist, beginning her studies in nutrition and herbs in 1998.  Elaine is a certified health coach with Dr. William Sears and Certified Holistic Cancer educator with CACE, the Center of Advanced Cancer Education.  She is passionate about sharing the benefits of incorporating an abundance of plant foods into our daily lives and assists others in growing their own plants either in ground or on the state of the art vertical tower garden growing systems.  Elaine teaches educational plant-based meal prep classes in Carlsbad, CA a number of times per month and includes demos, recipes and yummy food tastings! Elaine Bryan is also a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance since 2008, teaching primary gentle hatha yoga in various locations around north county San Diego. To learn more about Elaine, please visit:

If you’d like the recipes, please email [email protected]

Join us for a fun and interactive workshop with herbalist Jovanka Ciares. During this virtual workshop, Jovanka shares the best approach to strengthen your immunity as your best line of protection and defense when symptoms first appear. We also feature recipes of a powerful immunity broth and herbal blends/infusion to reduce symptoms and get you feeling better in no time.

Jovanka Ciares is a Clinical Herbalist, nutrition educator and coach based in Los Angeles. She works with individuals struggling with chronic conditions and offers group workshops and corporate speaking engagements on healthy living and herbal medicine in the US and internationally. She offers her services in both English and Spanish. Visit her website to learn more!

If you’d like the recipes for the immunity broth and herbal blends, please email [email protected]

Have you been feeling the stress from our current situation more than usual? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Holistic Cancer Coach and Functional Cancer Lifestyle Consultant Jeanette Carbajal has created a great workshop that addresses these concerns and provides us with some great tools.

In this workshop we gain insight on:
Identifying our strengths
Tapping into the Known
Gaining clarity as a family unit
Prevention of sympathetic activation
Health benefits of staying calm
What to do when triggered
Creating a support system
Creating a plan so we can take action with what we can control

Jeanette Carbajal is a Holistic Cancer Coach and Functional Cancer Lifestyle Consultant. This path and way of life came about from helping, caregiving and managing her grandmothers battle with cancer in addition to aiding her parents back to Health from a few other chronic conditions via a rainbow of holistic and traditional modalities. She loves helping her clients find peace, and likes to say “I’m the calm in the center of their cancer storm.” There is no one way to navigate the cancer maze. She prides herself in meeting her clients where they are first and foremost by being their ally; helping them find their balance and detoxing the world around them so they can be strong while undergoing treatments. To learn more about Jeanette, please vist her website:

Join us for a recap of a special meditation with Kristin Dwan! Kristin is a heart-centered Certified Hypnotherapist/Reiki Master (and Living Beauty) who specializes in soul-deep healing of the subconscious and ancestral level to release you from the blockages you have that keep you from the life, love, and joy you yearn to experience. She works with people online all over the world using Zoom to connect heart to heart. She guides you to awaken within you the healing and wisdom that is only yours to better your life and the lives around you. Kristin found her introduction to Reiki and the path of transformation early on in life by dying and coming back to life in a burn ward, receiving skin grafts for 3rd-degree burns over 30% of her body over 20 years ago. Going through this lesson showed Kristin the huge difference between thriving in life versus merely existing, and she has been thriving ever since.

Kristin offered this guided meditation to bring Living Beauties feelings of strength, peace, and connection in these trying times of Social Distancing.

To learn more about Kristin and her services, please visit

Financial Health is just as important as physical and mental health. In fact, financial health can greatly impact our physical and mental health! We want to make sure Living Beauties and their families have access to all the important, free information out there, and with the help of good people like attorney Angela Berberyan, we can do that! Join us for this information workshop on topics we should ALL know and be knowledgeable about:

Estate Plan: Why it’s not just for the wealthy but needed by everyone!
Legal Documents: Understand which legal documents are essential to your estate plan
Medical Directives & Financial Powers of Attorney: Learn when these incapacity documents apply and why everyone over the age of 18 should have one (including your college students/adult children!)
Wills/Trusts: Learn the difference between the two and which one will best suit your needs
Probate: Understand the legal process in California and how to avoid having your estate go through the lengthy and expensive Probate procedure upon your passing
Guardianship: Nominating guardians for your minor children

To learn more about Angela and her practice, visit

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