We are grateful to be able to share with you The Cassandra Fund, a designated fund in memory of Living Beauty Cassandra Williams. One of Living Beauty’s angels met Cassandra a number of years ago, and Cassandra and her journey had a moving and lasting impact on her. She especially admired Cassie’s approach to life, and the way in which she handled the challenges she faced. As a result, our angel came to us and asked to start The Cassandra Fund, which is used to meet the special financial needs of our Living Beauties.

During this time, the Board of Directors has committed some funding to The Cassandra Fund to help Living Beauties with critical financial needs related to the current crisis. Living Beauties are eligible to apply for up to $500 once per year to meet a financial need. Funds are limited and individual grants will be based on need and available funds. Please fill out the application to the best of your ability. If your situation is an emergency, please indicate in the “other things we should know” box.

The Cassandra Fund

Child/Spousal support
Income from a partner who is part of household
Social Security
Wages from work
I need help with groceries and other essentials