Living Beauty Cookbook by Kelly Serdar

a platter of fruits and cheeses on a wooden table with crackers and other food items in the background

This book of recipes was created by Kelleigh Serdar for her Girl Scout Gold Award project. This is her gift to the Living Beauties. She compiled recipes submitted by the Living Beauties and some of her personal recipes into this book. In the first section you will find recipes that are good for lunches and dinners. The next section contains salad recipes that you can eat as a meal or as a side dish. Then there are appetizer recipes perfect for parties. Lastly there are breakfast recipes that are good for meal preparaton and dessert recipes. All the recipies are vegetarian or vegan. The protein sources can be substituted with animal proteins, soy free options, or kept how they are. This book is here to help the Living Beauties nourish and care for themselves through healthy and easy eating.