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The Gift – Dikla B.

“Cancer is not a gift nor a blessing.  It is an enormous life changing, life threatening and life long challenge.  The gift is how we choose to experience and perceive this challenging journey.  We can live with it in fear, dread, anger, pain, loss, resentment and see it as the end…of something “I can’t……because of cancer.

OR we can view our cancer experience as a catalyst to a direction and perspective on life that is grander than our challenges from cancer.  The gift is taking the opportunity to be vulnerable, fully ourselves, expressing openly our full range of emotions, needs and wants and reaching out openly to support networks.  The gift is consciously and actively seeking and creating moments of sharing and connecting with others, fulfillment, love, flow and contentment for ourselves and for the people we care about in our lives.  The gift is expressing “How can I make……………………..happen?”.

For many of us, it’s a daily struggle to find that gift, but when it is rediscovered again and again, the bliss and excitement is always fresh.”

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