The Gift – Rosario B.

Rosario Mermaid

“I am a lucky girl.
‘Don’t worry it is probably a false positive, most are!’ – My doctor’s words.
I am glad I did!
I am a lucky girl!
I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma stage II shortly after.
After a double mastectomy and several rounds of chemotherapy, here I am!
I lost my hair, my eyelashes, and my eyebrows but, yet blossomed inside.
My energy was gone, however never my inner strength.
I grew strong.
Friends and family stood in disbelief as they watched me go through this journey.
I am a lucky girl!
I am lucky to have such a great husband, parents, siblings & friends.
I learned that we, as human beings, are able to withstand the unimaginable.
For me there was no other choice.
Yes, I have lost my breasts but have gained so much more.
Today I am blessed to watch my son grow into this incredible human being.
I am a lucky girl!
Today I live in the moment because I do not know what lies ahead.
Today I appreciate my loved ones so much more for they are my source of strength.
Today I count my blessings.
Today as always I realize…
I am a lucky girl.”


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