The Gift – Stacie G.


“Having breast cancer has been the scariest, saddest and most humbling time in my life. This horrible cancer not only found its way into my left breast but separated into three tumors climbing it’s way to my lymph nodes. Before cancer life passed by at lightning speed, I was a supper mom juggling schedules and taking care of everyone else but me. This all stopped in March 2015, now it was time to focus on myself, but was it too late? No it wasn’t! I am here today because of my husband. A true life Super Man who supported a sick, depressed wife and three children without a single thought. My Mom who came to almost every chemo and would take me home and stay to help until she too was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months later. We also had family and friends who brought meals, planned play-dates so my boys had something to do over the summer, rides to chemo, helping administer Neupogen shots. These are the gifts that I hold so close to my heart. I am still humbled by the outreach of support and love. Truly, thankful for all the gifts God has given to us.”


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