The Gift – Laura A.


“‘The Gift’ that cancer gave to me….

Cancer gave me many gifts but the most important one, was the gift of Gratitude.  I use to live a life that I thought was decent, I felt I was a good person, I was appreciative.  I never imagine that i could have been more appreciative, more patient, more loving especially since I already had the “Mommy” title…..In June 2009 my world was suddenly magnified, I suddenly became hyper aware of everything and everyone.  I was dealt the Cancer card ….what i like to call a double edged sword…I wish I didn’t have to ever experience it but I did and because of it, I received so many gifts ….I received compassion, friendship, love, and the most important one was Gratitude. One can read all the cute quotes about how you only live once, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, and so on…Yes, there are many truths to them but to actually live through Cancer or with Cancer makes everything so much more meaningful. Gratitude describes my everyday feeling, even when I am having the worst day I am grateful for what I do have….I have life and I have time.”

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