The Gift – Marlene W.


“Tumultuous: involving a lot of violence, confusion, or disorder

I have a tumultuous relationship with cancer.
“It” caused complete havoc in my life in the Spring of 2014. When I was diagnosed, I was shocked, angry and confused.
Forced to prepare for the unknown and armed with the absolute determination not to allow anything to control my Life, my decision was to fight back and live a meaningful life.
Once the short-lived shock, anger and confusion had subsided I began to focus on strengthening my Spiritual relationship. God’s grace & mercy allowed me to weather this stormy health crisis. The strengthening of my faith was the first ingredient to my recovery. The second component was a large number of family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances and others that helped me, everyday, with everything.
I was blessed to experience for the first time, what “It takes a village” truly meant… The third element was exercise, particularly yoga.
I never liked yoga but I now love yoga! I attended a life-changing yoga retreat in June, 2015, sponsored by The Foundation for Living Beauties in Santa Barbara, California. The yoga retreat linked me to the amazingly sensitive photographer, Cynthia Perez and The Scars Project. I was actually part of a professional photo shoot! I have never experienced more freedom, physical beauty and empowerment in my life. The past year has been unbelievably difficult with so many insurmountable hurdles but as I continue to rely on God’s guidance, my journey becomes easier and less tumultuous yielding manageability and ease.”

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